Our Mission
The purpose of the Vinyl Preservation Society of Idaho (VPS Idaho) is to preserve our vinyl music heritage by fostering active, all inclusive community building amongst the passionately interested and curious to promote enjoyment and education relating to vinyl records, record collecting, record playing and all associated matters of analog musicology regardless of listening tastes.

In other words, VPS Idaho is an indepentant social recreation enterprise dedicated to communal listening enjoyment.

We also advocate the patronage of local, independent music stores who help support free-minded music lovers, including vinyl enthusiasts, in their communities.
The Vinyl Preservation Society of Idaho offers free, open membership to all. Members receive valuable discounts, community service opportunities and introduction to a vibrant local community of vinyl enthusiasts.

We also look to serve as a model for other groups that wish to establish a Vinyl Preservation Society in their own community, in hopes of one day organizing and uniting a network of vinyl enthusiasts across the United States and internationally.

Please contact us to get your group started.
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